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Team Building Activities that Everyone Can Enjoy

Yes, there is such a thing as team building, and while certain team building games can feel like a drag – an arcade in Breckenridge offers a chance to get outside of what you know, remove your state of mind from the constant wind and grand, and connect!

Breckenridge has various group activities that fit a girl’s night, family getaway, or corporate team-building exercises for businesses nationwide!

Finding the perfect option for a set group of people is the key to ensuring innovative and successful growth within one another and moving into the future for your office or place of business.

scavenger huntBring Your Team Members Together Over Food, Games, and Activities

When you hear the term – team building exercises, you likely cringe, remembering when your office had you stand in a circle, passing around a piece of paper where each person wrote about what they would do to establish a better work environment.

Or perhaps you ended up in escape rooms with a previous workplace or were forced to participate in a scavenger hunt – whatever it may have been, the essence was likely about working together to solve a common goal.

teamworkEnjoy Your Time Outside the Office

When you aren’t physically at work, thinking about your time around the office is likely the last thing on your mind. Still, team bonding and team-building events are essential to developing a work environment that you can think of regularly.

You can approach the rest of the team in your business for a quick team-building activity.

But a larger event is necessary to ensure that you yield more significant results for whatever goal you aim to achieve.

Check out our Ultimate Gamer’s Day Out Guide in Breckenridge to see what team building, with a twist, is all about!

arcade team building
Nothing brings your team together like some video game competition!

The Most Fun Team-Building Activities Outside to Liven Up Your Company Culture

Breckenridge, CO, is known for being a quaint, quiet, and stunning mountain town – offering world-class skiing, snowboarding, and a plethora of winter sports and outdoor activities.

That is only some of what Breck has to offer.

When you head downtown to Main Street, you will find a classic way to bring people together.

I Scream Arcade, a contemporary gaming universe, offers a new way to entice in-person team members and remote teams to meet in one place for a fun game or two!

claw machine
The claw machine may prove frustrating to crack. But, with the right, teamwork skills, you can grab the prize!

arcade claw machineClaw Games Can Be Building Activities for Work

If you are searching for something more creative than office trivia, reenacting a game show, or community service, you don’t have to go around the room for ideas because arcades are nothing new.

While these things are still helpful in crafting a new company culture, they are things your employees or colleagues are accustomed to.

However, this Breckenridge arcade has options that define themselves from the rest – while still paying homage to traditional games like claw games.

A classic, something we all know, and you may be wondering – how can a claw game help one team member connect with another? The answer is simple: communication.

Solve or Improve Communication Skills

If you separate your company into small groups, they can scatter across the arcade games accordingly.

When you approach the claw game, to win, you have to pay attention to detail, and it is always best to have one person in operation of the claw and another as an onlooker, providing additional directions as needed.

Provide your crew with clear outlines of any expectations ahead of time and encourage team members to communicate clearly.

The incentive is there no matter what, winning, but in time, this should offer intrinsic motivation and help your employees or fellow colleagues to put additional thought into what they are communicating and how they are communicating.

Try the infamous claw game, or run your luck with the tickets game. You have to put your trust in the game and get out of yourself. Take turns, and give each team member a chance to try it out!

vr team building
Let your team band together in a virtual fight for survival. Strength in unity!

virtual realityGet Your Team Together for Creative Thinking in a Virtual Reality

Want to get to know your fellow team members quickly? Try putting yourself in a situation that you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with; you will be required to start talking reasonably fast.

VR Games are the future of gaming, and while this isn’t offered at your typical arcade, it has become more accessible to the general public in the modern day.

It is a fabulous tool during a team-building event!

This forces the office to think outside the box and develop new creative modes of thinking.

Ultimately, it encourages everyone to think fast, often required in sales, tech, customer service, retail, the service industry, and many different careers.

Where Team Spirit is Necessary for Problem Solving

Sharing yourself and your personality with the rest of your office mates or company is critical for establishing a safe and comfortable workplace.

When you are working alongside these people day in and day out, it is about time that you put your heads together.

Depending on the VR game, you can have anywhere from 1 player to 6 players; if you are going to achieve the mission, you must work together.

You can spend anywhere from approximately 20 minutes to 30 minutes or an hour within virtual reality – they force you to come together for problem-solving towards a common goal.

This is usually one of the most significant components of team-building activities.

You may not immediately think of VR gaming as a way to connect with your work peers, but it is a mode of connection and a means of formulating resolutions.

This isn’t Monopoly Roll N’ Go Game – although we have that too, many people aren’t yet used to stepping into a virtual reality.

air hockey team building
Air hockey has been around for well over 50 years and is enjoyed by many generations!

Taking a Tour with Traditional Games as a Team Building Activity

Returning to familiar arcade games we have seen, known, and loved – like Air Hockey and Skeeball are available.

They are another opportunity for team members to have a little fun and get to know one another beyond the surface level while evoking some competition!

You can also choose to stay in your lane with some bowling, aka the Lane Master game, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have to continue to engage in the team-building activities.

skeeballA Fun Team-Building Activity & A Way to Build Forward

Don’t forget about the vintage games available; engaging in a little blast from the past alongside your coworkers creates a low-pressure atmosphere.

Everyone can play around, enjoy their time outside of work, and enjoy that time together without the traditional added pressures of work, deadlines, etc.

When you are looking for exciting team-building activities or a space to hold a team-building event, you want to find something that doesn’t add stress or put anyone within the company in a situation where they are dragging their feet to show up.

Access to an assortment of gaming options is excellent for those who have a deep love for games and those who are curious.

arcade team building
Want to make things interesting? Challenge your teammates to a dance off!

Work Together with Modern Gaming Options

Get everyone to try something new in a fun way to team bond and let loose. Modern arcade games are a great way to unite with your coworkers.

Team building activities do not always need to be outdated; you must push your crew to get with the times because every office environment needs to grow and evolve.

Team building means developing stronger connections and pushing for better teamwork inside and outside the workplace.

angry birdsCorporate Team Building, Without the Post-it Notes

People are not always satisfied with their jobs for several personal reasons, and by providing your employees and teammates with an opportunity outside of the norm, you are pushing towards a more collaborative working environment!

Try out Angry Birds on the big screen – it is more fun than playing it on your smartphone!

Choosing the suitable activity or activities is a part of what makes team bonding so successful.

Access to these games, which many are familiar with but are allotted the chance to experience in a new way, may help shift their mindset and make them more open to interacting with their peers.

You can do things on a small or large scale if you have a mega team or are a more tight-knit office.

Studies have shown that when companies want to perform better or strive to exceed the previous year’s sales or successes, it is essential to channel the group for continued motivation – what better way to do that than with contemporary arcade games?

Mario kart dx
Mario Kart DX has brought the Nintendo racking classic from the living room into the arcade!

Mario kartRacing is a Literal Team Building Exercise

Building and maintaining a team that sticks together takes effort, maintenance, and the time of those individuals involved.

Racing is fun when you have the chance to be in control of the wheel, and when you are up against your coworkers, competition and general camaraderie are two things you will see come to the surface.

With Mario Kart DX, you will be pushed to the brink and challenged to race against all of your coworkers in a realistic game of a Nintendo 64 favorite that has now been converted to something hyper-real and highly exhilarating.

A Team Building Session for the Books

Playing traditional board games or otherwise has been a great pastime if you want to push people together. Many office-friendly opportunities exist, but you don’t have to keep things PG when you aren’t in the office.

A scavenger hunt isn’t as exciting as the Zombie Apocalypse Game – where a few colleagues will be challenged to stay alive, kill some zombies, and win a few tickets.

Remember to remain vigilant; getting out of the game only takes a few minutes off track.

It may feel a bit silly or even uncomfortable to play these kinds of games with your work peers, but the outcome is always the same – you can allow the stress of the office to fade away and get into the zone of having fun.

This is not only a great team-building activity, but it allows team members to use their own personal strengths to assist the group in winning the game!

whack a mole
Pent up some frustrations over the work week? Take your energy out on a whack-a-mole!!

arcade ticketsTry Team Bonding Through Some Healthy Competition

Team building events are required to bring a workplace together and lift that environment’s spirits.

Bonding is essential to persist in healthy relationships, but if you have been experiencing issues or continued problems concerning dedication or motivation, pairing up team members against one another for some good old-fashioned competition may do the trick!

Put your sales rep to the test with the Whack N’ Win Game, or perhaps you would prefer having your customer service agent try out the Tower of Tickets Game to see who can take the heat.

Both games call on your teams to put all their energy into it to win!

Come Together for Some Serious Adrenaline

Corporate team building doesn’t have to feel sterile with the almighty Treasure Hunt Game; similar to a scavenger hunt, you must work together to find the treasure or who ends up with the prize at the end of the game.

Competition is a healthy thing and is innately a part of every office. At the same time, you don’t want to exacerbate that, perpetuating that with a bunch of the crew trying to wack clowns Down the Clown Game – they can blow off a little steam, too!

super bikes 3
Save your Yamaha or Kawasaki money and hop onto Super Bikes 3 for some racing action!

shoot hoopsShoot Some Hoops Or Go Fishing: A Great Way to Get the Entire Team Together, Large or Small

Playing sports is an excellent way to get any group together, but with arcades, it doesn’t always have to be on the court.

You can Shoot Hoops and even participate in the Super Bike 3 Game for extreme sports and even more extreme fun!

Sports and sporting events are some of the first instances where we learn how to outline ourselves as individuals, work as a group, and carve out our meaning within that environment.

Sometimes, those early notions can get lost in the daily grind, and when you are constantly taking part in the same things every day, shaking things up every now and then can help put things back on track.

Leadership Skills are Required

Fishing is viewed as a sport where you practice patience and indulge in intimate conversations with your fishing partner, but with the Fishing Game, that is far from the truth.

Looking to induct your natural leadership skills?

Sometimes, certain things require direction, and other things, not so much.

While dragging your entire team out to the lake to fish may not be something everyone is a fan of, the Big Bass Wheel Game will take you on one wild ride you will never forget!

I scream arcade location
You can find us upstairs from I Scream Gelato here in Breckenridge!

I Scream Arcade Offers a Pivitol Team Building Event

Rated one of the best indoor activities in Breckenridge, visiting an arcade is the perfect excuse to get your team gathered together in one place.

It is undoubtedly better than generic team-building games. 

We offer your group the chance to bond and uplift your team for an added boost of motivation, which is proven to increase productivity, encourage cohesive community, and offer better communication skills in the workplace.

Talk about the perfect building activities for work and play – arcade games give you the best of both worlds, from the classics you remember playing when you were a kid to modern and virtual reality.

Enter a new reality outside the workplace, but don’t forget to bring your team members along!

prizeDon’t Miss Out On the Opportunity to Get to Know Your Peers and Improve Your Company Culture

Unlock Fun with Prize Locker and unleash your inner child; enjoy this time with your teammates and indulge in the finer side of team-building activities.

Finding balance is a significant part of developing a working culture that is healthy, proactive, and exciting to be a part of.

The prizes at the end of your arcade experience are just a bonus to all the lovely team building you get to be a part of throughout your time.

workmatesThis Isn’t the Conference Room or Monday Morning Video Conferencing

The conference room sets forth a dynamic that puts people in the mindset of work; nowadays, Zoom and video conferencing often have the same effect.

Your team is programmed and conditioned to feel this way because they sometimes associate these things with high-stress scenarios.

When you are gaming, all of that goes out the window, and you give yourself and everyone apart of your group a chance to reprogram, breathe in a fresh breath of air, and regain momentum – which is inevitably highly useful in the workspace!

Food and Drinks for the Entire Group

Your team-building event is not complete without feeding the crew.

We have already considered the details and ironed them out, supplying the following food and drink options:

  • Ice cream. Different flavors for all your team members because you may have to work together to get through it all!
  • Pizza. Grab a slice and enjoy chatting with the rest of the team.
  • Burgers. You can’t say the words ‘team bonding’ without adding hamburgers to the mix!
  • Wings. Are meant to be shared and suitable for the entire group.
  • Hot dogs. Like hamburgers, you can put whatever you want on time and spend time with your coworkers while indulging!
  • Popcorn. For a quick snack during your gaming and activities.
  • Hot and cold drinks. To stay hydrated as you play.
  • Desserts. From pancakes to Belgian waffles.
shoot ball arcade
Come visit us today and let your hair down after a long week!

Looking For the Perfect Team Building Game? Contact the Best Arcade in Breckenridge, CO

Whether your crew needs some basic team bonding, you need to develop better problem-solving skills, promote more creative thinking in the workplace, or have a remote team you want to bring into the community for team bonding events – Arcade in Breckenridge has precisely what you need.

There is no way to complete a team-building activity, but if you are looking for something special for your employees and fellow colleagues, you have finally found the right place.

Contact Us today to plan your next day or night of team camaraderie!

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