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Breckenridge King-of-Rings-Jumbo

King of Rings Jumbo: I Scream Arcade’s Shining Star

A New Spin on the Classic Crane Game

“Illuminate Your Play: The King of Rings Experience”

Introducing King of Rings Jumbo, I Scream Arcade’s new, brilliantly illuminated crane game. With this delightful addition, we bring a touch of elegance to our arcade in Breckenridge, CO. Customizable LED colors cast a mesmerizing glow on the front panels, adding an eye-catching brilliance that’s impossible to miss.

  • Lit to Attract: Fully illuminated front panels with customizable LED colors.
  • Designed for Elegance: Add a touch of style to your gaming experience with our brilliantly lit crane.

“The Game Mechanics: All in the Ring”

King of Rings aims to win our unique Smart Ticket Ring prizes of various values. These special prizes can be redeemed at the redemption counter, where tickets or swipe cards are used. Whether you’re a first-timer or a crane game pro, the “Play Till You Win” setting ensures everyone is a winner!

  • Unique Prizes: Win Smart Ticket Ring prizes in various values for maximum fun and reward.
  • Play Till You Win: Every player is a winner with our friendly “Play Till You Win” setting.

“High-Tech Features: The King of Rings Advantage”

King of Rings Jumbo boasts various high-tech features, including an interactive sound system, a high-capacity playfield, and a 4-way joystick. The game is also DBA-ready with a clear Credit/Timer Display. The durable Lexan front panels and tamper-resistant cabinet ensure the game’s longevity and security.

  • Interactive Sound System: Immerse yourself in the game with our interactive sound system.
  • Durable and Secure: Enjoy worry-free play with our durable Lexan front panels and tamper-resistant cabinet.

“Step into the Ring: Join Us at I Scream Arcade”

Are you ready to try your luck and skill with the King of Rings Jumbo? Eager to see the brilliance of the LED-lit crane in person? Then join us at I Scream Arcade in Breckenridge, CO, and let the fun begin!

  • Join the Fun: Test your skill with King of Rings Jumbo at I Scream Arcade.
  • Experience the Brilliance: See the LED-lit crane in action and add a dash of brilliance to your day.