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Step Right Up and Spin the Big Bass Wheel!

Step Right Up and Spin the Big Bass Wheel!

The thrill of the arcade meets the excitement of a lottery in the Big Bass Wheel game! As players, you’re invited to step up, grab the handle, and give it a good yank. The wheel spins, the anticipation builds, and when it finally stops, you’re rewarded with a shower of tickets. It’s not just a game, but an attraction in its own right, a centerpiece that beckons all who enter the game room.

  • Experience the thrill: Step up and pull the handle to spin the wheel.
  • Win big: Earn tickets when the wheel comes to a stop.

Not Just a Game – A Wholesome Family Entertainment Package

Big Bass Wheel is more than just an arcade game – it’s a total entertainment package! Equipped with hilarious fishing bloopers and an engaging sound package, it provides fun and laughter for the entire family. It’s the perfect blend of excitement and entertainment, offering incredible value for everyone.

  • Laugh out loud: Enjoy funny fishing bloopers as part of the game.
  • Immerse yourself: The captivating sound package makes the experience more engaging.

A Perfect Addition to Your Game Room – With High Capacity and Easy Operation

The Big Bass Wheel comes with dual ticket dispensers and high-capacity ticket trays as standard, ensuring that everyone gets their fair share of the fun. Plus, the operator menu is easy to navigate, making this a hassle-free addition to any game room.

  • Manage with ease: Navigate easily with the operator-friendly menu.
  • High capacity: Benefit from dual ticket dispensers and high-capacity ticket trays.

Boost the Fun and Profits with the Jackpot Sign!

Want to make the Big Bass Wheel even more exciting? Add the Jackpot Sign! This add-on boosts the fun and potentially increases profits, making it a winning choice for any arcade or game room.

  • Elevate the excitement: Add the Jackpot Sign for even more fun.
  • Increase profits: The Jackpot Sign add-on can also boost your earnings.

Conclusion: “The Perfect Match for I Scream Arcade”

The Big Bass Wheel, with its mix of skill, luck, and pure fun, fits perfectly into the vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere of I Scream Arcade in Breckenridge, CO. So, why wait? Come on down, spin the wheel, and reel in the fun today!

  • Perfect fit: Big Bass Wheel matches the atmosphere of I Scream Arcade.
  • Don’t wait: Come and spin the wheel for a fun-filled day!