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Why Our Breckenridge Arcade is the Perfect Family Getaway

What are the first words that come to mind when you hear the name “Breckenridge” Skiing? Snowboarding? Outdoor adventures?

Chances are, it’s all three – but there is a hidden gem tucked away in downtown that is an excellent escape from the heat of summer and the chilly temperatures of winter.

I Scream Arcade is the premier family-friendly activity in the area and one of the city’s most overlooked attractions.

Want to learn more about one of the best indoor activities in Breckenridge?

At I Scream Arcade, we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service, family fun, and great arcade games!

dance video game
Nothing keeps the cold away like dancing to the beat!

Get Out of the Cold and Play Some Hot Games at I Scream Arcade!

The temperatures can drop quickly in Breckenridge, and while skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, and hiking can be fun, what will you do with your kids when the weather isn’t cooperating, or you are just sick and tired of chilly fingers and toes?

Visit I Scream Arcade, of course!

Our fun atmosphere is the perfect way to get out of the cold and enjoy some new and nostalgic games.

Are you ready to grab a beer with friends or treat the kids to a little post-pizza entertainment?

kids at the arcade
No matter the season outside, good times and adventure can always be had in the arcade!

The Perfect Indoor Playroom No Matter What the Season

Did you know that despite its reputation as one of the premier ski destinations in the country, May is actually the busiest month in Breckenridge?

The town’s population swells from a few thousand permanent residents to several thousand when you factor in all the tourists.

The locals know the hidden gems and lesser-known attractions, and if you ask anyone who calls Breckenridge home where to find the best arcade in town, they will all agree that the place to be in Breckenridge is I Scream Arcade!

When you are ready to beat the heat in summer and get away from the crowds, stop in to play some amazing arcade games!

A Family-Friendly Environment Without the Long Wait Times

The biggest downside of Breckenridge’s popularity is the waiting, and waiting, and waiting!

Don’t be surprised when you need to wait several hours for a lift ticket at well-known resorts or get stuck in reservation limbo trying to grab some great food at one of the city’s best restaurants.

Stop in at I Scream Arcade, and you will be guaranteed quick service, friendly smiles, and plenty of great games to keep the kids occupied.

The best part is that you won’t need to spend a small fortune, and instead, you can enjoy a little friendly competition with your kids, wife, or best friend all afternoon for a fraction of the cost of an overpriced lift ticket!

family games room
Can you beat the claw machine? There are few who can!

A Game Room for the Whole Family

With prices for entertainment on the rise, wouldn’t you like to enjoy a family-centric environment for less?

Our game room is ideal to kick back and have a great time with the kids and your friends or host a work party.

No matter your needs, we have accommodations available for you, and we promise you will enjoy the ultimate gamers’ day!

Are you ready for the exciting details – Read on to learn about our fantastic selection of games for all skill levels:

Are You Feeling Lucky? Try Our Crane Games

Who doesn’t love the instant gratification of winning a prize?!

If you are visiting Breckenridge, CO, with the kids, you can perfect your claw game skills with our Showtime 40 Crane Game.

Little hands will catch the fun at our Duck Catcher Crane Game!

Classic, Nostalgic Carnival and Ticket Games For Kids of All Ages

Who doesn’t love the excitement, anticipation, sights, sounds, and laughter of a carnival?

Aside from the food, which is, of course, the best part of any carnival, there are the games that you loved when you were a kid.

Why not relive your glory days by trying our luck at one of our awesome carnival-style games?

Scared of clowns – Knock em’ down at Down the Clown

Love to try out a classic take on the perennial favorite “Whack-a-Mole?” Text your reflexes with Whack N Win.

Who doesn’t love a classic ticket game – Win big at Time 4 Tickets Redemption Game?

Created way back in December 2009, you will love this unique take on one of the most popular apps, Angry Birds.

Topple the tower in Angry Birds Coin Crash.

Do you love the original Monopoly – Take a chance on Monopoly Roll N Go.

Who doesn’t love the arcade classic Big Bass Fishing?

Here is a fun new twist – Spin to win with Big Bass Wheel.

Love games that are part skill and part luck – you will love to stack up the fun with Tower of Tickets.

Amaze your friends and win a prize after you become the King of Rings Jumbo at our jumbo-sized challenge!

Want the chance to win prizes that will delight the whole family – From small stuffed toys to fund gadgets?

Unlock prizes and joy with our Prize Locker, a game of skill and strategy that is perfect for any member of your family.

virtual reality
Immerse yourself in our thrilling VR experience!

Virtual Reality in a Fun Atmosphere: Experience a Thrilling Prehistoric Adventure

Virtual reality is the wave of the future, and at I Scream Gelato, we can give you a fully immersive VR experience that you won’t soon forget!

Step into another world with the King Kong of Skull Island VR, a game that features multiple levels, realistic prehistoric sites, and a final stage that you will not soon forget!

Do you love the “Jurassic Park” film series and would love the chance to walk amongst the dinosaurs? From velociraptors to the real king of the jungle, the T-REX, get ready to experience 30 different dinosaurs when you experience the thrill of the Jurassic Park arcade game.

If you are among the millions of fans of the hit television show “The Walking Dead,” you will want to try your best to survive the zombie horde in the Walking Dead Arcade Game.

With a state-of-the-art sound system, the chance to rescue your fellow survivors, and multiple weapons to choose from, when you play our Walking Dead arcade game, you will feel like you are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse!

Skeeball is all about hand-eye coordination. Time your shots carefully!

Bowling, Fishing, Skeeball, and Basketball

No arcade experience would be complete without trying your luck at the classic bowl, fishing, basketball, and, of course, everyone’s favorite skeeball!

Challenge your friends to strike it big with Lane Master Bowling.

Have you always bragged about catching a prize-winning fish?

You and your friends can reel in the excitement with the Wicked Tuna Fishing Game.

Did you always love the classic roll-a-ball game when you were a kid?

Here is a modern twist on an old favorite that will allow you to test your stretch with the Power Roll Arcade Game.

If you love classic coin pushers with a twist, you should dive into fun with Pearl Fisher for three players—Pearl Fishery 3-Player.

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition among friends?

If you and your buddies love spending weekends cheering on your favorite teams, shoot hops with NBA GameTime Basketball.

Skeeball has been a staple in almost every arcade across the country for over a century.

Are you ready to roll into nostalgia with our Classic Skeeball – it’s one of our most popular arcade games!

Challenge Your Friends to Air Hockey

At I Scream Arcade, we know that no arcade in Breckenridge would be complete without an air hockey table.

It might seem like a simple game, but mastering air hockey takes a unique combination of defensive strategy, luck, and knowing how to line up the perfect bank shot!

Score big with our fast-paced air hockey tables with Air Hockey Challenges.

Driving Games to Challenge All Skill Levels

A modern take on a classic game, race to the finish with Super Bike 3 Racing.

This isn’t your father’s arcade game; instead, Super Bike features impressive graphics and immersive audio and is ideal for beginners and seasoned, competitive players alike.

Want to know the best part of playing Super Bike 3 Racing? You can easily scan the QR code and share high scores on your favorite social media platforms.

Mario Kart has been a staple in millions of homes, but you’ve never played a version quite like this – Drift into fun with Mario Kart DX.

pizza party arcade breckenridge
Enjoy a hot slice of pepperoni between games!

Food and Games Go Hand-in-Hand: The Perfect Dish For Every Arcade Game

No afternoon at the best game room in Breckenridge, CO, would be complete without great food.

Ask the waiter or waitress for a to-go bag, and get ready to dine on your favorite dishes while you play some hot arcade games!

For example, pair a great slice of pizza with a spirited game of air hockey – The winner buys a round of drinks at the bar!

Love a classic combination of burgers and a milkshake – This nostalgic combination pairs perfectly with skeeball!

Are you ready for a more sophisticated evening with a twist?

Why not dine at one of Breckenridge’s finest eateries and end the experience by challenging your date to our state-of-the-art VR game, King Kong of Skull Island VR?!

corporate events arcade
At I Scream Arcade, we cater to corporate events all year round. Give us a call to discuss!

Are Arcades Really the Best Place to Host Corporate Events?

Reservations at the best Breckenridge corporate spaces fill up fast – But you don’t want to plan any run-of-the-mill team-building event!

Contact the team at I Scream Arcade and let us help you plan a corporate event your employees will actually want to attend!

Teach teamwork with virtual reality, and encourage your employees to challenge one another to friendly basketball games.

Are you having trouble with communication – Believe it or not, when you encourage your employees to play games of skill together, their communication skills will improve!

Instead of planning another hum-drum, generic corporate team-building exercise, we recommend giving us a call early to reserve your spot!

An Entertaining Location to Host Any Type of Party

No party would be complete with the critical combination of drinks, food, and merriment.

You can supply the drink and food; we can help you handle the fun!

From children’s birthday parties to bachelor parties and even a spirited post-divorce blowout, I Scream Arcade is the perfect venue for any type of party.

Need the perfect dessert for your party? Walk downstairs and talk to the staff at I Scream Gelato for some recommendations!

kids enjoying ice cream
After a hard gaming session, drop downstairs for some well-earned gelato!

Don’t Forget to Head Downstairs and Visit the Crew at I Scream Gelato!

After hours of fun and with tired hands and happy kids, you need to treat yourself to something special.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel far to find the best gelateria in Breckenridge.

Reviews for I Scream Arcade!

personaMy Family Loved the Great Service!

“I waited at Downstairs at Eric’s for almost two hours and couldn’t get on a game.

I went to I Scream Arcade and was able to play everything I wanted.

I love the nostalgia and being able to sit and have a beer with friends in a cool atmosphere.”

personaNice Ambiance Right Off Main Street

“Breckenridge is busy, and it can feel overwhelming to even find a place to have wings or sandwiches for lunch.

I Scream Arcade was awesome. The staff was cool, and I was able to sample the gelato menu downstairs.”

personaA Great Place to Host a Birthday Party!

“The perfect birthday is beers, burgers, and a trip to I Scream Arcade! I will cherish the memories I made there and give the place a glowing five-star review!”

personaA Hidden Treasure in Downtown Breckenridge!

“Want a low-key way to enjoy some after-dinner fun? Check out I Scream Arcade.

They have a great selection of fun games, and the staff is very helpful.

It was right down the street from my hotel, and I will be going back.”

personaGreat Arcade Games in Breckenridge!

“Breckenridge is steeped in history, but when you are ready to let loose and snap some goofy photos, check out I Scream Arcade!

My family has a tradition of a great pizza, a stop at Mountain Top Cookie Shop, and now, we will include a trip to I Scream Arcade!”

personaGet Out of the Snow and Visit I Scream Arcade!

“Breckenridge winters are brutal, and the wi-fi at the hotel was down, so the front desk recommended I Scream Arcade! What a hidden gem.

If you want to get out of the cold, do yourself a favor and skip the long restaurant lines and check out I Scream Arcade instead!”

personaA Bright Spot After Disasterous Gluten-Free Pizza

“My kids were unhappy with the bad pizza, and I needed to make it up to them.

Luckily, I found this arcade on Main Street! The games were great, the atmosphere was even better, and the staff was friendly and helpful.”