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Breckenridge’s Best Gaming Snacks: What to Munch on During Your Arcade Visit

From Apres at the Rocky Mountain Underground to Gaming at Breck’s Local Favorite Arcade

Breckenridge, Colorado, boasts a luxe ski resort, an ethereal scene of the Rockies, delicious dishes, happy hour options, live music, and many outdoor recreation opportunities. But there are plenty of things to do inside off the Main St strip.

Breck is a great place to visit for a weekend away or an extended stay, and many find a liking for the mountain town, so much so that they choose to live there indefinitely.

While it is a smaller place tucked in the hills, it is a town with excellent food, restaurants, games, and exciting activities to pack your week or weekend full of fun!

video game arcade
Video game arcades are one of the most wholesome escapes from reality one can enjoy. I Scream Arcade is no different!

arcade cabinetI Scream Arcade: Great Atmosphere, Superior Snacks & Fun for the Whole Family

Arcade and gameplay can help bring out your inner Breck, a town known for its outdoor fun, but there are multiple indoor activities in Breckenridge. Our arcade allows you to embrace your childhood and play with family, friends, colleagues, and employees!

vr shooter
Immerse yourself in a world of VR right here at I Scream Arcade!

Finding Something Absolutely Delicious to Amplify Your Gaming Experience

No matter what time of year you plan your trip to Breckenridge, CO, you can’t miss all the fun on downtown Main Street! Arcades are a classic pastime in the country as they allow you to escape all the logistics of the real world and enter an alternate state of mind and reality.

With our gaming options, you have the chance to experience all sorts of joyous wonder:

  • VR gaming options.
  • Claw machines.
  • NBA and sporting games.
  • Racing games.
  • First-person fighting competitions.
  • Skeeball, bowling, and more!
breckenridge resturant
As one of Colorado’s most popular tourist destinations, there is always a good place to eat somewhere!

Breckenridge Food and Stunning Mountain Views

Arcades are associated with gaming, and in Breckenridge, Colorado, our game room is a warm place to end your day on a rainy or snowy day, a great spot to grab a drink and something to eat. At the same time, you play, and plenty of legitimate restaurants are nearby.

With the backdrop of the Rockies, you can have the best of both worlds when you are playing and need to grab something a la carte for a complete gaming experience in Breckenridge for locals and visitors alike!

You don’t have to feel confined when you enter an arcade. In fact, an entirely new world is opened up, and whether you are an experienced gamer or a newbie in the digital world, you can seize your moment and learn a thing or two.

For experts and novices, we have the ultimate gamer’s guide. Find the perfect game for you!

pretzel arcade
Grab a portable pretzel or two while you’re partners shooting bad guys!

A Wide Variety of Options to Grab and Go Game

With all the playing, eventually, you will get hungry, and why not grab something yummy to eat when you discover the wonders within this giant play-place?

If you crave something specific, chances are you can grab it, but take a look around before immediately deciding what to nosh on because not everything is great while you game.

There is so much to do, but everyone still wants to have their cake and eat it!

You can drop in any of the extraordinary restaurants nearby; you have a plethora of cafes and breakfast spots within reach, bar options for adult beverages, and just about anything you could ever need right on the same street in Breckenridge.

bag of chips
You can’t go far wrong when you’re gaming with a bag of chips to hand!
Grab a Bag of Chips and Game Away off Main St

The taste of a fresh bag of chips is a classic snack – crisp, salty, crunchy, and available in all different flavors.

This is the epitome of a grab-and-go option because you can simply pick up the bag and take it around with you as you are playing games to enjoy your snack without feeling the need to sit down and take time out from what you were previously doing.

We have all the usual suspects available to upgrade your gaming atmosphere, and these tasty treats are easy to eat while you are on the go!

sweet arcade
A sweet treat makes your dancing moves all the sweeter!
Forget All Your Worries with Sweet Candy

You don’t typically want to order a full plate of lunch to eat while you are playing in Breckenridge, but picking up a bag of Skittles, M&Ms, gummy worms or gummy bears, etc., will put your taste buds in a great place as well.

Candy is delicious; it always hits the spot and is the perfect finger and snack food on the go. Whether you are shooting hoops, racing for a win, or attempting a more traditional game with the rest of your party – candy just elevates the atmosphere!

pizza and fountain drinks
Enjoy pizza with your pals at I Scream Arcade!
Party with Fountain Drinks

Pick up a round of refreshing, bubbly fountain drinks to pair with your pizza, sweet treats, or other a la carte items for your entire party!

Fountain drinks are only half of the equation, but they offer a great option for hydration while having fun with friends and family members.

There are multiple flavor options available, and this can be carried alongside your chips to quench your thirst and upgrade your game.

popcorn arcade
Buttery? Savory? Whatever your popcorn tastes are, head on over to I Scream Arcade
Freshly Popped Pop Corn to Taste Your Win

When planning a break, stop by the snack bar for a delicious buttery and savory popcorn. This is something usually associated with movies, but it is just as fulfilling when you are gaming.

It is easy to share, delicious to eat and offers an alternative to chips, candy, and other typical foods served at indoor activities. This Breckenridge gaming spot has a plethora of food options, and popcorn might get your hands a little greasy, but it’s an excellent light snack to hold you over until dinner.

mozzarella sticks arcade snack
Power up your lifebar with some mozzarella sticks!
Nachos, Pizza, Pretzels & Mozzarella Sticks Will Elevate Your Night on the Town

When you plan to take a break from all your gaming in Breckenridge, sit down with delicious food options from pizza and chips or fries and mozzarella sticks!

Pro tip: experienced gamers in Breckenridge and across the country don’t typically enjoy eating with their hands because it can leave residue behind. While you can eat more hearty snacks while playing, using utensils is a clever idea to avoid constantly wiping your hands!

water hydration arcade
Some games are a real workout…stay hydrated!
gluten freeGluten Free Options are Necessary Alongside Fresh Drinking Water

Our arcade in Breckenridge also has tons of gluten-free snacks available to accommodate those with special food needs or allergies.

Looking for things to do in Breckenridge on a rainy day? Breckenridge has loads of offerings throughout Main Street, but nothing beats a day of gaming at the largest arcade in Colorado!

street food breckenridge
Check out the street food scene in Breckenridge or try one of the various eateries!

Best Places for a Post-Game Lunch, Dinner, and Drink Spots for Adults and Kids Alike

From the Rocky Mountain Underground to sports bars, restaurants, and cafes – the town of Breckenridge has endless food options.

You could be there for a week and not have enough time to get through all the excellent restaurants in the area. There is something special about arcade games and how they can transform you into a new reality. For an out-of-the-world gaming experience, check out VR options!

cookieMountain Top Cookie Shop is Just Next Door on Main Street

Mountain Top Cookie Shop is the perfect spot to bring your family, and you don’t have to go far because you will smell them baking throughout the Breckenridge downtown area.

You cannot help but be pulled further down the mountain into this dessert shop filled with delicious cookies of every flavor you could ever imagine, cake options, ice cream, and more. You can even have a cookie for breakfast, as this location is open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day of the week!

beer garden
Have a cold one with your gamer buddies after a session!
beersDon’t Miss Your Chance to Visit Breckenridge Brewery and the Backyard Beer Garden Post-Gaming

Breckenridge Brewery is much more than a bar and restaurant – it was initially started in 1990 and has further developed its brews and eclectic menu.

Consider the ultimate beer tour, watch them brew beer live, check out the live music events, or have a seat at the bar for happy hour after spending the day gaming!

Breckenridge brews have become a timeless part of the town and community, craft beer has taken hold and developed its name within Colorado, and if you are a connoisseur – this is a great sport for brews after playing with noobs.

I am trying to find something exciting to do for the whole crew on your family getaway in Breckenridge. Stop by Breckenridge Brewery and then head down to our arcade for a little something for everyone!

irish pubSports Enthusiasts Relish at Ollie’s Pub

Are you ready for a cold beer? Ollie’s is like a sports bar – an Irish pub located in the perfect spot for locals and visitors alike. This is one of the best happy hours in Breckenridge, with a warm and inviting atmosphere once you are finished gaming for the day!

Ollie’s Irish Pub is known for offering fantastic happy hour drink options, great grub, a major sports package on every TV, and live music. Whether you are just hoping to sit at the bar or sit formally for dinner – Ollie’s Pub is a fabulous place to unwind for the night.

pizzaThe Perfect Place for a Slice of Pizza off of the Blue River

If you are hoping to order a specialty pizza, head further down the river to Luigi’s Pizzeria, a cute place with indoor and outdoor seating options off Breckenridge Main Street! How can you go wrong with pizza, pasta, soup, and salad after spending hours gaming?

They offer the following menu options:

  • Delicious pizza by the size or served in a pie!
  • Appetizers from bread to ravioli.
  • Traditional subs and sandwiches.
  • Wings and fries.
  • Soups and salads.
  • Stromboilis and dessert options.
gelato breckenridge
Any ideas where he got that gelato? Yep…I Scream Gelato, right downstairs!
gelatoLocals Love Dessert and Authentic Italian Gelato, Too

You can find a restaurant serving any cuisine you want in Breckenridge, and gaming can easily work up quite the appetite. But once you have something savory, people usually turn to something sweet, which is where gelato comes into the picture.

Gelato is right downstairs from the gaming facilities and supplies delicious, authentic Italian gelato to the citizens and visitors of Breckenridge.

I scream arcade
Come feed your gaming appetite at I Scream Arcade, right here in Breckenridge CO!

Tasty Treats & Gaming on the Mountains

I Scream Arcade’s gaming options are the Rocky Mountain go-to whether you are playing yourself, trying it for the first time, learning how to game, or perhaps you are just planning on watching. We offer endless gaming options for children and adults, work events, parties, etc.

As a locally owned and operated business in Breckenridge we are excited to serve the community and visiting tourists with a unique and exciting time.

Forget about all the troubles and finer details of your life; you can get up early, go skiing down the hills, and spend your evening with friends and family; it is the best place for a break from reality!

claw machineI Scream Arcade is the Place to Be off Main St in Breckenridge, Colorado

With a friendly staff, expert gamers, delicious finger foods, and drinks, this Breckenridge favorite has quickly become a place the locals and tourists gravitate towards. Whether you are planning a family trip, weekend vacation, date night, or a more significant event, contact us to enjoy an epic gaming adventure!